Security as a Main Concern

The world is a dangerous place, although it doesn’t seem so. These days if you can’t trust anyone, then at least you have to be sure they can be trusted to follow rules.

According to credible reports, attacks on computer networks and acts of terrorism are the biggest perceived threats in the UK. In light of this, the Strategic Defense Review will release the National Security Strategy to combat these threats.

UK is battling its problems with terrorism; the IRA has been very active with their targets in the UK, killing even the Queen’s cousin Lord Louis Mountbatten. The most recent major activity of terrorists are only three years ago.

But upon closer inspection, terrorism is just one of the many concerns of the UK security. What else lurks beneath but cyber crime, stealthily operating out of the common man’s notice.

The government computer networks now face a child of these two infamous activities- cyber terrorism. It is very alarming to discover that hundreds of potentially system-destroying emails are sent to the government system every month.

Financial institutions and big corporations are not even spared. Cyber terrorism, although very new and still in its infancy, has paved the way for a new battlefield- a digital one.

Many blame the coalition government and the previous Labour government because, as they say, nobody has recognized the need to invest in the needed security to stand up to cyber terrorism. Hackers are becoming more complex and sophisticated in their methods, and UK may be seeing a losing battle ahead.

Now UK businesses should remember that for them, fraud is primarily done internally. So if the position requires handling sensitive and classified information, then due diligence must be warranted and observed.

In response, a lot of businesses have hired private detectives for tasks such as background checks, covert surveillance operations, corporate investigations and counter electronic surveillance. London private detectives are especially proficient in assisting private companies with performing checks. With them, a small suspicion can be quickly addressed and investigated.

Both the government and private companies need to put a more serious effort in building redundancy strategies and cyber security systems.