5 Major Steps Involved for a Project Under Construction

1) The design phase

The first stage is where the design of the project starts to get shape. This is where the plans are drawn and approved by the client. To make adjustments to ensure that everything is according to the to https://syanetsugaiheki.com/client’s preferences and needs.

You might think that when construction is hired, they immediately start with the building. However, this isn’t like this. They need to make sure that the design of the project is drawn and that everyone is understanding the project completely.

2) Preliminary construction phase

No, this isn’t where the construction starts. This is the pre-construction stage. Where the construction site is getting tested to make sure that the site is fit for this type of project. If the soil is correct and if the plans are adjusted to the results of the pre-construction results.

The people that you will find at a pre-construction stage are agreement administrator, project manager, chief inspector, construction engineer, OHS manager.